Starting a writing habit is hard. Keeping a writing habit going is even harder.

Bundle our two popular courses and make things easier

Grief impacts memory and comprehension. Do your future self a favor by setting up 13 full months of grief writing prompts with one single set up. Nothing else to remember!

How it works

The Writing Your Grief bundle combines the original, best selling Writing Your Grief 30 day course with 52 additional weekly writing prompts that begin one week after your 30 day course ends.
Why bundle them together? The original 30 day course gets you into a rhythm of engaging with your grief on a daily basis (or at least a regular basis!). Most people find that they’d like to keep writing by the end of those 30 days, just maybe not When you bundle the 30 day course with 52 weekly prompts, you get to keep going: there’s nothing you need to remember to do, no new course to purchase. One week after your 30 day course ends, your weekly prompts begin. A new prompt will arrive once a week for a whole year.
 You’ll have access to the 30 day course and all of its prompts for as long as you’d like (a new prompt comes out each day for the first 30 days). You’ll retain access to those additional 52 weekly prompts as they’re delivered, too. 

At the end of 13 months, you’ll have 82 prompts. That’s a lot of writing prompts! Use them to create a grief writing retreat for yourself. Use them to help you get started on that grief memoir you’ve been wanting to write. Revisit special prompts a few times a year to see how your grief has changed. There are lots of ways to use and reuse the prompts. 

Here's What Grievers Have To Say

“I wondered if I would be able to write at all about everything that had happened. I was concerned that I would be ripped apart (again) by reliving some of my grief. This course helped me so much I cannot even begin to list all the ways it assisted me. It freed me.”

Chris G.

“It’s grief work that is actually motivating. I found the structure of writing prompts helped me face some of my fears and give them words. It's a wonderful place to be at any stage of grief. I found the writing course three years after my last son passed away. At a time when friends, family, and society encouraged me to move on, this course was perfect for me.”

Teri M

“I wasn't sure what to expect, wasn't sure I'd be able to find the words to respond to the prompts, didn't think I'd have the stamina to continue writing almost every day for a month. But I thought - 'nothing else has really helped, so why not try?’ You know what I learned? That writing about my loss has the power to transform my experience of my grief. ”

Sarah W

“This course helped me get one leg over the fence in dealing with my loss and giving myself permission to grieve. I feel a sense of relief now, and with all this sadness that surrounds me, writing took some pressure off. ”

Jean H

“A million times, yes, I recommend this course. I still haven't written all the prompts (I have them all saved and will get to them when I feel ready), but the course allowed me to give myself permission to bite off only as much as I could chew. If you are looking for a course to help you explore your grief - this is it. ”

Meagan G

“When I joined, I was mostly worried that my grief wouldn't be big enough, important enough, sad enough to warrant writing every week. (But) my writing became more consistent. I wrote things that I didn't know existed inside me. I was inspired by Megan - the prompts were incredibly valuable. ”

Kate S

“I was worried that it was a little too soon (4 months out), but I'm so happy I took the chance. ”

Jenny S

“Thank you for giving me the outlet to express my grief. ”

Sarah A

“I really liked becoming aware of my process as a writer over a period of time. I liked being able to reflect on what and how I had written as I went through the course. ”

Jody B

“I found my voice. Not my regular, everyday voice..but my voice in grief. I began to write for me, not for others. Very liberating. I learned about my grief, and I learned about myself. ”

Michele D.

Meet Your Instructor

Megan Devine

Psychotherapist Megan Devine is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on grief, from life-altering losses to the everyday grief that we don’t call grief. She’s the best-selling author of It’s OK that You’re Not OK, and host of the podcast by the same name.

Megan helms a consulting practice in Los Angeles and serves as an organizational consultant for the healthcare and human resources industries. She trains therapists, doctors, and other professionals on skillful ways to work with grief of any kind. Her work has appeared in GQ, Fortune magazine, Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, New York Times, Stanford University, on APM’s Marketplace, and in the PBS documentary, Speaking Grief.

Grief can make you forgetful. Do your future self a favor.

Bundle up Writing Your Grief from Megan Devine: Combine the original, classic 30 day Writing Your Grief course with one full year of weekly prompts that begin after the 30 day ends, from the author of the best-selling book, It’s OK that You’re Not OK.


  • Are the prompts all about death?

    Many of the prompts in the Writing Your Grief course and the weekly prompt series relate to grief connected to death, but the prompts are widely applicable to other kinds of grief. When death is directly referenced, there’s often an additional direction for non-death grief. Most people are able to translate the prompts into something relevant to their own experience.

  • Is this like therapy?

    While writing can be therapeutic, the Writing Your Grief course is not therapy, and should not be construed as such. Some people take their writing into their therapy sessions - that's a great way to use your writing.

  • My loss happened a long time ago. Am I too far “out” to join?

    No one is too far out from their loss to begin writing. With a loss this big, “just happened” can mean 80 years ago as much as it means this morning.

  • I’m not a good writer. Does that matter?

    You don’t have to identify as a writer to join this course. Everyone is welcome. (and we bet you’re a better writer than you think.)

  • Do I have to write every day?

    That is entirely up to you. Every day for 30 days, you’ll receive a new writing prompt. Writing is a skill like any other: the more you commit to it, the stronger you get. That said, life does intrude sometimes. You can always go back and revisit a prompt if you miss a day.

  • I want to do the writing course, but I’m afraid of being immersed in all the pain. Won’t it just be ripping open the wound?

    Engaging with your grief through writing can be painful. For a lot of people, this daily writing process is one of the few places they can tell the whole truth about their grief. So while it can be challenging at times, the process of writing helps grief feel a little more familiar and manageable. But it’s not always easy. You may find you need to take breaks, or skip a day, or bring your writing (or a prompt) into your therapy session or share it with a trusted, supportive friend.

  • I started this course, but I changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

    Short answer: no. We offer no refunds for any courses, services, or downloads. Please take the time to read the course description and see if it’s a good match for you before you sign up. You’ll have access to the course indefinitely, so if you find that now isn’t the right time, you can revisit the prompts later.